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We are celebrating World Environment Day under the slogan "Only One Earth"!

Every year, on June 5th, we celebrate World Environment Day. This year's celebrations are held under the same slogan as in 1974 - "Only One Earth". We encourage you to join the campaign on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the United Nations Environment Program / GRID Warsaw, which carries out the mission of the United Nations Environment Program in Poland.

"Only One Earth" campaign reminds us of how important it is to act, thanks to which one day we will be able to live on Earth in harmony with nature and with each other.

On the Facebook profile of our Shopping Center, we will publish information about the key activities of UNEP that the organization has been undertaking for half a century of its existence. The still topical issues include: the quality of the ecosystems of the seas and oceans, desertification or the tightness of the ozone layer.

Moreover, on the campaign website you can read the manifesto in defense of our planet "Only One Earth".

Every year in Poland, the theme of World Environment Day builds the context for activities in the year-long social campaign "Green Ribbon #ForPlanety".

Let's take care of Earth together!