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Visit our new interior!

From 02/12 to 02/01
We have finished the renovation, the effects of which you can see from the entrance to our Shopping Centre! You will be greeted by a renovated entrance with a new logo that reflects our metamorphosis!

After crossing the door, you will enter a modern, bright interior. We renovated the floors and ceilings, and installed new, energy-saving LED lighting.

In the passages you will find comfortable places to sit, where you can relax while shopping. We have also placed sockets in them, thanks to which you can charge your mobile phone or other electronic device. In the relaxation zones, we installed lamps with characteristic openwork lampshades that create a cosy atmosphere.

We also renovated the toilets at the restaurant area. The interiors are aesthetic, modern and cosy.


We are particularly proud of the new restaurant zone, where we have separated a comfortable space where you can eat a meal, drink coffee and plan further shopping with your loved ones. This place is separated from the passage by openwork walls. White colour combined with green and yellow accents gives the interior a modern and cosy character at the same time.


Neighbourhood shopping is more convenient. We renovated the corridors, and also changed and illuminated the shop windows of our Shopping Centre. Thanks to this, you will be able to look at shop windows more closely and see the products you are interested in.

We invite you for pre-Christmas shopping in the neighbourhood to our renovated interior!