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Show your heart to those in need

From 02/03 to 31/03
Until the end of March, each of us can support the Shelter for Homeless Animals in Paluch by taking part in a fundraiser for animals in need! Together, let's help dogs and cats that are waiting for a caring home!

It's easy! Buy or bring gifts from the list below and place them in a chest in the passage of our Shopping Centre!

Pets are waiting for:

    • grain-free dry and wet food for dogs
    • wet food with a content of min. 30 percent meat for dogs that cannot eat dry food
    • wet food for cats with a minimum content of 60 percent meat
    • specialized veterinary food for dogs and cats
    • blankets
    • dog harness (especially guard harness)
    • Kong toys
    • toys for cats (fishing rods, mice, soft balls)
    • orthopedic beds for older dogs
    • olfactory mats for dogs

These are the things that Shelter na Paluchu needs the most!

The team of the facility makes every effort to ensure that the animals staying in it are provided with the best care. About 300 dogs and cats go to the shelter every month. That is why his needs are huge.

Shelter na Paluchu is one of the most famous institutions of this type in Mazovia and is one of the contractors of the Warsaw Program for Counteracting Animal Homelessness. Homeless animals from Piaseczno also come to Paluch. In its daily activities, the shelter is guided by the principle that it is not a destination for homeless animals, but only a stopover on the way to caring caregivers. That is why he actively runs a program of adopting dogs and cats.

Many of us know the people who gave home to the animals - the charges of the shelter. Let us show that many hearts can be of great help!

We invite you to participate in the fundraiser!