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Cycling season is in full swing! Have you looked over your bicycle equipment and wondered what to do with old, unused parts and two wheels? Don't throw them away! Help kids in need!

On June 20th, we invite you to a neighborly collection of old bikes and parts in front of our Shopping Center! The collected equipment will help those in Mierz Wysoko Association. The organization supports the development of children and youth from the Warsaw North Praga district and shows them how to help others. During the action, you can use the mobile cycling service provided by Mierz Wysoko Association free of charge.

You can bring to the bike collection point:
• new and used bikes of any size and condition,
• bicycle parts, frames, wheels,
• bicycle accessories - helmets, lights, fasteners, etc.
• tools useful for repairing bicycles.

How will the collected equipment help children and young people?

The equipment collected during the collection in front of our Shopping Centre will go to the Open Bicycle Workshop run by the Mierz Wysoko Association at 23 Brzeska Street in Praga. Here, young people under the watchful eye of the Association's volunteers learn to DIY, repair equipment and create their own vehicles.

Kids have a chance to receive a bicycle in exchange for caring and helping others. Participation in a minimum of ten activities for others is a requirement, such as walking dogs from the shelter, cleaning the area or renovating bicycles for the needy. Young people are also encouraged to volunteer in various organizations.

In exchange for the equipment and heart shown, Mierz Wysoko Association will run a free mobile bicycle service during the event. On site, you'll be able to take advantage of vehicle inspections and small repairs, such as adjusting the brakes, derailleurs, lubricate the chain, or learn how to replace a punctured tube and patch it.
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